Projects, Exhibitions and Events

• Founded artist association Alser Culture Ground,, 2021

In June 2021, I founded an artistic association with three other artists Alser Culture Ground, with the main goal to promote art created by international artists living in Austria, especially those originating from the Balkans. We want to make the international cultural contribution more visible and support the integration into the local artistic scene, consequently enriching the cultural life of Vienna.
The variety of cultural heritage reflects different perceptions of reality, sets new guidelines for the society, and helps us to understand each other better. We made a place to meet, exchange thoughts, ideas and goods, a place to talk, have fun and be inspired, a place where people can connect more meaningfully, bringing uniqueness and diversity at the same time.
We made room for art to act, to open questions on important topics of life, to awake, to provoke and, finally, to provide a feeling of connection, consolation and growth.


• Participated in AtelieRundgang event 2021, 2022 and 2023
• Participated in Festival “Kunst am Kanal” (“Art at channel”), exhibition in our studio Dachsbau/ Das Werk, Vienna, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
• ARTMUC Art Fair - Praterinsel, Munich, Germany, October 2020

Solo Exhibitions

• Solo presentation - Cafe Anna&Jagetsberger, Festival of inclusion (organisation Civic initiatives Austria), Vienna 2023
• Exhibition “Adolesscence”, Gallery 73, Belgrade, Serbia 2023
• Exhibition “Bare femininity”, Hofburg (Vorsaal), Vienna, 2019
• Presentation in a pop-up concept-store, Vienna, 2018
• Exhibition “Mosaic”, Children Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia, 2007
• Exhibition in a private studio in Stockholm, Sweden, 2002

Group Exhibitions

• "Colorful journey" paintings, Mondi Gallery, Vienna 2024
• “Winter moods” mosaics, Mondi Gallery, Vienna, 2023
• “Wir sind...”, Atelier Moldovan, Vienna, 2022
• “Paralel worlds”, Belgrade, 2022
• "Closer", Kunstraum 9, Vienna, 2022
• "Gesichter (faces)", Kunstraum 9, Vienna, 2021
• “Krisenmeisterinnen. Seit immer.”, ega, Frauen im Zentrum, Vienna, 2021
• Mosaic biennale, La Mosaique du Nord, Hazebrouck, France, 2021
• ARTBOX.PROJECT- digital exhibition, Zürich, Switzerland, 2019
• “Climate heroines. Good climate in our town”, Ega, Women Centre, Vienna, 2019
• “Partisans 1” and “Partisans 2, The heart of darkness”, Villa Shapira, Vienna, 2019
• Exhibition within the Christmass market “Ochs+Esel” (“Ox+Donkey”), Vienna, 2016
• “Sommer Frische” , in the Villa at Wolfgangsee, Austria, 2016
• “Midsummer Exhibition” together with Christian F. J. König in his studio in Perchtoldsdorf, 2016
• Exhibition in the lobby of the Bank Austria, Vienna, 2015
• “Under pressure”, exhibition in our studio Dachsbau/ Das Werk, Vienna 2014
• Graduate exhibition, Museum 25. May, Belgrade, 2003
Student drawings exhibition, gallery Student city, Belgrade, 2003
• Student exhibition in several towns in Serbia, 2003
• Student exhibition “Art up”, Home of youth, Belgrade, 2002
• “Portrait through time”, gallery NUBS, Belgrade, 2002


• Participated in Charity art auctions in Michaelerkirche ( the Salvatorians), Vienna, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 i 2022
• Participated in Charity Kunstauktion "Tafelkunst" (Die OÖ Tafel) 2020, 2021 i 2022