About Me

I was born in Belgrade in 1977 and moved to Vienna in 2012. Belgrade was a tough city and I believe that people who grew up there are tough as well. We lived in a specific atmosphere during the 90s and witnessed a violent transformation of the country in which we were born. Luckily, I had access to a really good art school, The Faculty of Applied Arts at Belgrade University of Art (where I earned my BA and MA degree), as well as a very vivid and inspiring art scene in the city. That gave me a good foundation for future work as an artist.

My work has always been very personal and honest. I start with something personal and then try to get to something universal. This is how I think the emotion is transferred to the viewers. I try to leave space in my work for them to come to their own conclusions and attach certain meanings. I paint mostly figurative, because I love the emotion that a figure can carry.

Mosaic art is something different to me, coming from another mysterious place, it is a very meditative experience. I create a story with stones, combining them in shapes and colors, trying to make them work as a whole and transmit a message. In mosaic, I work mostly abstract and I attribute a certain symbolic meaning to each. I love working with stone because it has natural power and nobility, and I always experiment with different materials, sometimes also with ready-made objects, such as pieces of jewelry or broken cups etc.