About Me


My name is Nataša Katalina and I am an artist with the BA in painting and Master of Arts degree in mosaic. I am from Belgrade (Serbia), currently residing in Vienna (Austria).

Moving from my home town to Vienna was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. In many ways a different, unexpected experience, challenging on many levels. I came to Vienna with my husband and my two children in 2012 and realized that I’ll have to reinvent myself finding a new identity that can fit the new environment and new rules of living. The opposing difference of Austrian culture to my own - a more passionate and more direct Southern mentality, left a mark on my work and I’ve drawn inspiration from my everyday Austrian life. While I have been challenged by my life in Vienna, I have also been lucky to be painting in a co-working studio "Dachsbau", within the cultural organization "Das Werk", located on the bank of the Danube Channel. There, I have a very inspirational environment to work in, surrounded by nature, interesting architecture and creative people who organize fabulously entertaining art events.

I have also been lucky to present my work regularly in Vienna on many exhibitions, charity auctions and art events. The most significant was my solo exhibition in Hofburg in 2018.

People have been always the focus of my intention. I find it challenging to catch on canvas what is inside of them or what is unspoken in the atmosphere they create. I try to transmit to the viewer the mood and the feelings through light and color, and by other means of the visual communication language. I paint with acrylics and have lately combined them with collage.

My work is not only depicted by my Austrian life. Living in Serbia at the end of 20th century, experiencing war, bombing, different restrictions and participating many street demonstrations and protests influenced my thinking and my attitude towards art and creation. It provoked search for beauty and harmony in the world around me, touching the true emotion, putting the sense to it.

A year after I graduated, in 2004 I had my daughter and in 2007 my son.

A very special experience was also 2 years of Philosophy studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.